Projected Income Statement Template Excel

Why does business need to create template, projected income statement? The importance and benefits of it. How do you calculate through Excel sheet? In this article, we will discuss what is Income Statement and tools/templates for financial documentations.

  1. Is it Necessary for New business (Small business)?
  2. How to Write a Projected Income Statement?
  3. Components of a Comprehensive Projected Financial Statement
  4. Example of PIS through Different Microsoft Excel Template
  5. Also, call Profit and Loss Projection Statement

Note: Some Templates you can get through “EMAIL” only. Due to some copyrighted material.

What are Projected Income Statements and Why Do I Need?

Different business has different strategies for their profit-loss statements. The more benefits for the business they use multiple strategies that relates to the finance and income statement of the business.

Yet companies are including with all the profit loss statement. With the help of the income templates statement, you can measure all of your financial status of the company.

Financial Projection 12 month template


income expenditure statement


Components of Projected Statement

  1. Sales Revenue
  2. Cost of Goods Sold (or Gross Revenue)
  3. Operating Income
  4. Depreciation Expense
  5. Interest Expense
  6. Income Tax Expense

Eventually, the statements of the company can make some of the statements about the company’s future.

These are the format informal ways documents usually officer does in the company. This is the duty of the business person in the working policies of the company.

Projected Income Statement Template

Templates Example

The structure of PIS display is shown below. For a basic understanding, you must know about the components of this statement.

Revenue 200,000 Money from selling goods, also called sales, turnover
Cost of sales 95,000 Cost of the goods sold, materials, labor
Gross margin 87,000 Gross profit for selling goods
Operating expenses 56,000 R&D, Sales & Marketing, General & admin costs
Depreciation 20,000 Expense of using long term assets
Operating income 30,000 Earnings before interest and tax
Finance costs 10,000 Costs using debt to finance the business
Income before tax 23,000 Income of the business before taxation
Income tax expense 7,000 Taxation expense based on income
Net income 14,000 Income left after paying all costs

Specifically, it will gain some decided time with more anticipated and expenses for the time. This is because of getting more income which means to look at both how it gaining and losing. This is the best way to figure it out you all statement either you getting profit and lose.

Create a Projected Income Statement In Excel Sheet

It doesn’t matter when you are already making more profit in your business. The plans are with more advances in the planning financial era. More and more success is for the purposes to make sure the income. For Projected Income Statement Template download you must download Excel version 2007.

How but not knowing the exact figure of your income with all expenditures. These are making your business income plans more pathetic even you can’t find the investors.

For instance, if you are making plans for forecasting how to make more profit for your upcoming business and company, you must make sure of your budget. These are very helpful to identify all problems before you face any issue. Usually, these income statement plans are for the purpose to know how all income sheets measure. Information and all data are also very necessary to make and get the best value rate in the future.

Besides, the income statements are playing an important role and called net income. For the company’s profit and all other expenses are the offering financial statement of the company with performance. As well as the term used in combination with all balance sheet in profit of the industry.

Content of Income Statement Projection Template

You can categories in three types – income statement template

Header Section

Usually, the main and best area of the template is the header section. This is completely consisting of the industry profile, for instance, the name of the industry, title; it is called yearly or 12-month income statement project.

Revenue Section

Another section of the template is profit/revenue. Usually, it consists of the revenue of the industry. With all the projection and resources also enlist in the depending system of the industry. For instance, companies will only take the products for sale to get revenue.

Operating Expenses Section

Last but not least, a section of the template for gross revenue. Besides, the net profit for that will give you a particular time. Including all subheadings for the income statement information that you have and also considerable. This is a very easy and simple trick to add and remove according to your requirements as it also differs from the cases.

Income Statement Generator



Startup Model Financial Template


Types of Projected Income Statement Template (1 Year, 3year, 5 years)

Different small companies are requiring more revenue with statement projection for their startup. For instance, this is the procedure to create a 1-year profit/loss plan or some income statement for the company and your business.

Usually, companies are applying loans for potential investment. It all depends on the plan of the company’s projected either they want to make a plan for 1-3 or 5 years plans.

  1. Create automatically spreadsheets
  2. All projects sheets done – emailed to you
  3. Easy to download your spreadsheet

This is the best thing to provide services as well as including the latest technicalities of the product. Meanwhile, the factors of the projection and supply chain will be loyal with all control of costs. Besides the diversification in any company always considerable.

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