Daily Cash Sheet Template Excel


A daily cash sheet template excel is helpful for the cashiers to record and track the daily cash totals. So, if the business only works in cash transactions. The net cash at the end of the day is the revenue of the business. Just like Bank cash sheet management, this will help you in creating income statement.

The cashier counters are available on many small businesses such as grocery stores and restaurants. All the dealing is done in cash. The customer pays the bill in cash and the balance is returned in the cash.

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  2. Daily to Weekly Cash Sheet Management
  3. Credit note and Credit Card payment management
  4. Easy Revenue Management

So, the amount of cash in the cashier wallet keeps on changing. However, as all the bills are received, and balance is paid by the same cashier. Thus, it’s very easy for businesses to find out the daily revenue of the business.

Few businesses have more than one cash counter such as mega grocery stores. These stores not only deal in cash but also do digital transactions of money using credit or debit cards. Thus, there are many heads to track the total revenue of the store for a particular day. So, the use of daily cash sheet template excel is useful to provide the amount of money at all the counts in cash.

Daily Cash Sheet Template (Key Features):

Daily cash sheet excel isn’t just helpful to count the total amount of cash at the end of the day. There are multiple uses of daily cash template. The business that uses some kind of software to record each transaction into the computer can easily calculate the total sales, revenue, and profit of the business daily.

These templates helping you during creating cash flow statement.

Also, the daily cash template verifies the digital sales record with the actual amount of money in hand. At the start of a day, a certain amount of cash is issued to the cashiers in forms of coins, and bills. However, this amount of money is subtracted from the total cash in hand at the end of the day. Thus, the net revenue of the day is calculated.


Also, if the cost of goods sold is digitally available. It can be simply extracted from the total revenue to find out the total profit of the day. Further, the coins and notes are counted and submitted to the supervisor in the form of rolls and loose coins. The supervisor may recount any of the rolls for a random inspection of the total cash.

Components of Daily Cash Sheet Template:

The daily cash sheets are of many types and may include various information such as details of customer checks, plastic money, and bills. However, a basic daily cash sheet usually includes the information of cash in the descending hierarchy of currency value. Finally, a total for each value notes or coin and overall total is given in the sheet.

The very basic daily cash sheet template must include the following information for Dollar currency.

  • Date
  • Count Total
    • By Cashier
    • By Supervisor
  • Over/Short
  • Name of Cashier
  • Signature
  • Cash
    • Hundreds
    • Fifties
    • Twenties
    • Tens
    • Ones
    • Half Dollars
    • Quarters
    • Dimes
    • Nickels
    • Pennies
  • Count
  • Base Multiple each Cash Value
  • Total Dollars of each Cash Value
  • Grand Total

All the above data is useful to present in tabular form. Thus, Excel-based daily cash sheets are useful.

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