Investment Tracking Spreadsheet Excel

Investment Tracking Spreadsheet

Looking for investment portfolio tracking spreadsheet? We recently upload (Excel-Based) template for managing your daily to monthly investment with banking system. Using cash flow statement, you can manage entire cash of particular month.

Investment tracking is very important to get the actual benefits of the investment. Thus, the investors and companies track all of their investments using an investment tracking spreadsheet excel.

  1. Easy to create investment portfolio tracker
  2. Complete ROI based tracking system
  3. Auto Formulas add in excel sheet
  4. Easy to create slides for stakeholders and other investors

The investment tracking sheet helps the investors to compare the planned benefits with the actual ones. So, the actual payback and ROI of investment can be monitored.

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Key Features Investment Tracking Spreadsheet

Although, the investors and businesses invest in performing a lot of analysis to ensure profitability. However, several factors affect the actual ROI and payback period as compare to a business case.

Investment Tracking Spreadsheet

Thus, the investor’s main task after investing is to continuously track the performance of projects. So, the timely repayment with benefits can be realized.

Track the Investor Money

So, the market place offers many alternatives to track the invested money. In the past, Microsoft’s money was one of the best tools. However, now many online platforms have taken over the market.

  1. Further, these all options are very expensive and small businesses can’t afford it
  2. Debit credit excel template helps forecasting investment

Thus, the investors prefer to use the free MS Excel spreadsheet template to effectively monitor their investment of projects. Also, the MS Excel template is equally helpful to monitor, track, and control all types of investments such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and cash.

Ways to Track an Investment:

Although, many professional tools are helpful to track the investment. However, these tools require professional skills to understand the jargon of investment tracking.

Thus, the investor may choose any one of the below means to monitor and track their investment based on the affordability and value of the investment.

  1. Online Investment Tracking Platforms
    1. com
    2. com
    3. Personal Capital
  2. Investment Tracking Spreadsheets
    1. Microsoft Excel with SharePoint
    2. Google Sheets
  3. Investment Tracking Software
    1. Quickbooks
    2. MS Excel
    3. MS Money
    4. Quicken
    5. Fund Manager

Elements of Investment Tracking Spreadsheet:

A good investment tracking spreadsheet includes all the information that is required to maintain its basic functionality. So, what information must present on the spreadsheet depends on the type of investment.

A simple project investment tracking template must display the following information for analysis: Just like profit and loss projection, you can manage multiple items.

  1. Investment Dashboard Spreadsheet
    1. Total Invested Amount
    2. Profit / Loss
    3. % Profit /Loss
    4. IRR
    5. Histogram
  2. Investment Tracking Sheet
    1. Status Date
    2. Total Value
    3. Total Investment
    4. Gain (Loss)
    5. Percentage of Gain (Loss)
    6. Variance and IRR

How to use an Investment Tracking Sheet Excel?

The excel-based investment trackers are very helpful for investors to continuously track the investments. Further, it has basic and advanced features to effectively track business investments.

All the elements of the investment tracking sheet are discussed in the above section. These elements are displayed as heading of the main table to record readings for different investments. Various companies using Google App for create portfolio.

The investor has to input the investment value and amount of investment into the sheet. While the remaining sheet is reformulated to calculate the output in the form of gain (loss), percentage of gain (loss), IRR, and cumulative amount invested.

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