Digital Marketing Funnel Template in Excel

Digital Marketing Funnel Template

Here are download digital marketing dashboards and funnel chart in excel format. Different types of strategies are adopted by companies to look for new potential customers who help them to grow their business. However, it is not useful if only customers are found but sales cannot be made.

Therefore, a process of highlighting new customers and outlining plans to make a sale process is digital marketing funnel. A chart can be created following a prescribed manner in the Microsoft excel & PPT template. Through this template, you can easily calculate profit and loss projection.

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Loss of one customer causes a major impact on the business if a business is dealing with wholesale products. Losing him means losing his reference customers also. Selling products to the customers mean earning profit for the business to run it effectively.

Format of Digital Marketing Funnel Chart Template

It is important to earn the amount in the form of profit to meet the expenses of business which is only possible by attracting new customers as well as ensuring existing customers to stay with the business. To keep the business stable to ensure running out its operations in a continuous manner customers are a structural part of the process.  To make an effective and useful sales funnel chart in excel it must include:

  1. The duration must be decided for which a table is formed.
  2. It is formed in a pyramid form.
  3. Once the pyramid is formed it must be turned upside down.
  4. Sales funnel chart created for a specific month shows month and year on the top of sheet.
  5. A chart starting from the very bottom shows “follow up”, “commitment” and “negotiation”. It shows money made from sales at each stage.
  6. “Development”, “analysis” and initial communication are the upper parts of the pyramid.
  7. The topmost bars in the pyramid shows the net amount made from sales in a specific period.

To create an applicable pyramid and a selling process some certain points need to be focused.

Digital Marketing Funnel Template

Recognition period

It can also be called the advertisement phase. The product can only be sold to customers once they are aware of your product and company existence in the market.

The marketing department outline cost-effective marketing plans and advertisement plans to let know the customer’s existence of their product. It is specifically required when a new product is launched by a company.

How to Create a Digital Marketing Funnel Template?

Once the customers become aware of your product in the market it is important to draw their attention towards your product. It is due to features and specifications offered in your product rather than others which attracts the customer towards your product.

Assessment and Decision Making Stage

Choices for each type of products are available in the market, therefore, reaching a decision is confusing for the customer. However, a time when the customer makes estimation between products is the assessment stage which leads a customer in making a final decision.

Purchase and Monitoring Stage

Once the decision is made the final stage is to buy a product. This is the stage when the company becomes assured that customer is actually attracted towards the product launched by them.

2 Main Type of Digitals Marketing Funnel Chart

Check out two main types of funnel templates. Although both charts include in this template, in some cases, the client requires separate funnel for only showing a particular report.

Lead Generation Funnel Template

Lead generation chart linked with Google Analytics or any other software you are using for lead generation reporting. You just need to put values according to the particular month and the report or chart will ready in minutes.

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Ecommerce Funnel Template

This funnel chart especially for developers, who are performing multiple tasks.

Once the purchase is made customers monitor the performance of the Sales Funnel Excel Chart Template Excel whether it is working as desired or showing under standard performance. If a customer is satisfied he will repurchase the product.

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