Projected Balance Sheet Template Excel

Projected Balance Sheet Template Excel

Make sure of the Balance sheet formula for understanding “Assets = Liabilities + Owner’s Equity”. Looking for the projected or forecasted sheet of balance sheet for creating financial documentation of the start-up plan or other bigger business? Check the Excel-Base template for creating a balance sheet in different formats.

Salaries payable and other accounts payable lie in liability, on the other hand, cash, land, buildings, etc lie in the asset column. From Capital stock and retained earnings, you can calculate owners’ equity.

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Key Features of Projected Balance Sheet Template:

For summarize of this article, we arrange some quick notes for you. Let’s go through before download template.

  1. Microsft Excel format compatible (2007 to2018)
  2. Spreadsheet is also available
  3. Charts, Visual sheet of balance sheet attached with a simple sheet
  4. Multiple formats or design for start-up and small business

What is Project Balance Sheet Template?

In an economic analysis section of the project feasibility report, the project balance sheet is included as a core element to represent the total assets, total liabilities, and the stakeholder’s equity. This template is also used during the project life cycle to calculate the same for that particular time period.

Projected Balance Sheet Template Excel

Another dimension of the project balance sheet can also be understood in terms of project outcomes and risks. In the technical analysis of the project feasibility, the project balance sheet word is used to analyze the balance of project value, and the risk associated to do investments in the project.

The project value is described in terms of project goals and objectives while the risks are the hazards that may harm the timeline, resource, scope, and quality of the project.


Project balance sheet in economic analysis is a basic accounting sheet that presents the total assets and liabilities of the project including stockholders’equity at any period of time.

It includes calculation of current assets, long-term assets, intangible assets, current and long-term liabilities. The key features of this template are easy to customize, basic skills required to edit and preset for basic business domains.

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The technical balance sheet of the project is the most important sheet for the investors to impress and insist on decision making.

It integrates the information from initiation and financial risk management disciplines to help investors in analyzing the creditability and security of investing their money into the project. Such templates mostly project nature specific as the risk associated with each project are different.

How to create Project Balance Sheet Template in Excel:

For creating fund flow statement, project balance sheet template can be developed in excel following below simple steps;

Step 1: Assets Components

Enlist all the assets of the project at a particular time on the left-hand side with the monetary terms. Like cash in hand, accounts receivables, and inventory.

Step 2: Liabilities

To counter these assets, enlist all the liabilities such as taxes, salaries & wages, accounts payables, and other liabilities of the project including stakeholders’ equity to balance with assets.

Generate Report or Financial Documentation through Balance Sheet

The technical balance sheet is a simple table to what presents project value on the left side such as project scope, goals, and objectives.

Contact us for more Projected Balance Sheet Template excel format & other. While to balance it write down all the risks associated with financial implementation on the left so investors can see the clear picture to make a decision about investing their money in the project.


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