Debtor Statement Template Excel

Debtor Statement Template Excel

Looking for Debtor Statement Template?

There is an action of financial transactions involved in the businesses on a daily basis. Some transactions are performed as cash-in transactions that are referred as credits. While the others are cash-out transactions referred to as debits. This is a particularly simple type of document used for record of customer debt information monthly basis.

One of the major financial sheets named as cash flow statement is used by all the businesses to manage the cash-in flow and cash-out flow. However, some businesses that work on a credit basis are made separate sheets as debtor statement and creditor statement. Just like cash flow statement, this one prepares accordingly.

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The debtor statement is created as an external document. It is forwarded to the customer as a request to credit the listed amount. Moreover, the control of customer accounts and funds collection is also possible with the help of debtor’s statement.

Key Features of Debtor Statement Template

Mostly, the debtor’s statement is produced separately for all the customers as per their credit limit. Although, send to the customer when the credit limit is reaching. However, some companies also prefer to share the monthly debtor statement with the customer after making all the relevant entries.

The most common examples of a debtor’s statement are commercial invoices and cash receipts. In short, a monthly debtor statement includes the list of all the orders and payments received against the orders. The overdue amount or current balance is calculated at the end of the sheet. So, it’s the amount that needs to be credited by the customer.

Debtor Statement Template Excel

Auto Account Debtor Statement

However, the small businesses that don’t have the resources to afford the expensive ERP system prefer to use free debtor statements.

The use of excel template for this purpose has multiple features. It is preformulated to calculate the output. Also, designed in a way that is suitable to edit, customize and print.

The debtor statement is kind of a prove of the company’s ledger. It includes all the details of invoices being issued to as customer and payment received against the invoices. Therefore, the customer can reverify the statement with their accounts and any conflicts can be mutually sorted out on timely basis.

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Moreover, the debtor statement also works as a soft reminder to the customer to credit the balance or overdue amount in a defined timeline.

Essential Elements of Debtor Statement Template Excel:

The debtor statement can be created in many formats such as commercial invoice, monthly debtor statement, and cash receipts. Therefore, a general list of elements that can be categorized to make a supporting document can be presented.

Here, the following are a few of the important elements of debtor statement:

  1. Company Letterhead
  2. Date of the Statement
  3. Customer Name and Address
  4. Customer FAO Contact Name
  5. Payment Terms and Credit Limit
  6. Reference Numbers
  7. Customer Opening Balance
  8. List of Transaction (Invoices, Payments, Credit and Debit Notes)
  9. Date of each Transaction
  10. Transactions Reference Number
  11. Description of the Transaction
  12. Credit or Debit Category
  13. Current Balance
  14. Amount Overdue
  15. Company Bank Account Details

At the end, the comments to contact the relevant person of company in case of any query must includes. Also, the bank account details of company to assist in the electronic transfer of overdue amount.

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