How to Create Balance Sheet in Excel?


It is a skill to create a balance sheet for your company business, there are many factors and aspects that are considered when you are creating it. In this article, I will tell you the simplest way of creating this sheet.

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First of all, you should figure out relates to the topic “Balance Sheet”. Some accountant makes this sheet from the trial balance or some from the income statement.

  1. What is the balance sheet in excel format?
  2. How can I make a sheet in excel PDF?
  3. How to make profit & loss accounting sheet in excel?
  4. How expense can affect your account sheet?
  5. What are the strategies to make a financial balance sheet?
  6. What are the excel format with formulas?

What is Balance Sheet Template?

Balance sheet is a document that tells you about your company’s monthly and yearly income and its expense as well. It also describes any type of business transaction; integration and differentiation, etc.

  1. Show your Business Financial Current Situation
  2. Your Investor or shareholder Required yearly balance Sheet
  3. You can change your game plan accordingly
  4. Disclose the Proprietary Interest of Owner
  5. Handle any project planning through assessing resources
  6. Help in Risk assessment
  7. Understanding and know-how about business capital

There are many factors that must be handled in a business. These balance sheets are often used in the bank reconciliation statement.


Step to Create a Balance Sheet Template in Excel

Creating it without any tool isn’t very difficult, just know how to operate excel function softly, understanding about creating a table and adding or deleting rows/column in it. Another formatting is the optional boost your Balance sheet template table more prominence and attractive. There are two steps that are involved in to make an account sheet:

  • Selection of your sheet format:

In this step first, you choose the particular format that covers your requirements, because there are different formats are available for this purpose for a different type of account details.

Basically there are two basic columns is involved in any type of balance sheet one is Assets and second is liabilities. In assets column, you put those amounts that are received or receivable and in liabilities column, you put up those amounts that have been paid or payable.

  • Balancing both assets and liabilities:

In this step you start balancing them, first, you sum up both columns separately and then evaluate the difference.

This difference tells you about the total sale and profit of your company business. Now see how sales of your company can affect your company account sheet.


Example of Balance Sheet Template:

Suppose you have an agreement with a company for any kind of job and they are paying you $ 500 for each time job so you have done 5 times that job now you got $ 2500 but this amount that you received will be put in the assets and consider as amount receivable.

Balance sheet Template for Small Business

That’s very simple if you have understood the above step. Here I will tell you a tip to identify the assets and liabilities, anything that will or currently giving you benefit in any form will be put in assets column we can say if cash is coming then it is your assets and if cash is going outside the company then it your expense and will put in liabilities column.

Whereas the balance sheet is completely based on the equation

Liabilities + Equity = Assets

This sheet will help you to monitor and control your business status by showing you the asserts of your company and liabilities as well. The balance sheet also allows you to make your decision regarding your business. And this can be easily created on excel 2007 that gives you more user end control options to make a complete record sheet.

Balance Sheet (Google Sheet Template)

Without understanding its benefits very difficult to implement in an organization compulsory. You can’t handle the business’s financial situation without making it.

So if you don’t know about the company’s financial situation through the balance sheet, then it’s impossible to take a chance regarding star-up new projects. So after Create Balance Sheet template in excel you will be able to develop more strategy and take action accordingly.


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